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The story of how we got started and where we are going. 

Chef Hunter is a Florida panhandle native, who grow up on a slice of heaven called Highway 30A, an 18 mile stretch of beachfront road lined with beautiful small communities and white sandy beaches. In these communities, Hunter began his culinary adventure working every position in the kitchen. While working in restaurants was great Hunter knew he was meant to do something more, something more intimate. In 2012 Hunter started his own business, a personal chef business that catered to the locals as well as vacationers of HWY 30A. Thus, The Dish and The Spoon was born! 

The business was a success! It was well received by everyone and word quickly spread of the delicious meals being prepared in the comfort of your home. As 30A continues to grow in popularity the restaurants grow even more and more busy,and waits get longer and longer. This created a desire to avoid the crowds which made business for The Dish and The Spoon grow. After just 3 years Chef Hunter would be booked almost every night from March to September. 

While The Dish and The Spoon was doing great, Hunter and his wife, Jodie, were wanting something more, a new adventure! So they packed up their things and moved to Madison, Wi to be a little closer to Jodie's family and see what the midwest had to offer. It didn't take long but soon they were expecting a baby! In August of 2016 Jodie gave birth to their first child, a little girl named Summit. It turned out that Summit was just what they were seeking. 

Now the family is ready for their next adventure, a life on the road! With their love for travel and serving up delicious food the little family is traveling the country in their vintage airstream preparing meals for their many friends that they have meet at the beach and making new ones along the way! They look forward to meeting you. 

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